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We are delighted that you have found time to visit St. Augustine’s Web Site and hope that you will find something of interest there.

Perhaps the best way in which we could present ourselves to our visitors is by quoting our Mission Statement which was published on the occasion of the centenary of the parish in 1992.

It may not measure up to the Declaration of Arbroath but it reflects the mood of a community that felt able to combine great pride in the past with even higher hopes for the future.


We see it as our vocation as a Catholic Parish to promote the growth of all the people in the parish in the knowledge and love of God and in their relationship with Him and in Him with each other.

It is also our aim to base our lives on the Gospel and the teachings of the church. In this way we hope to grow together to maturity in the life of Christ, nourished by the graces of the Sacraments, with the Eucharist at the centre of our lives, and equally enriched by a long tradition of piety, self-sacrifice and devotion.

We will work together in a sincere dialogue between bishop, priests and laity, for the spread of the Gospel and with total care and concern for all in the parish community in every aspect of their daily lives.

Against this backdrop we would pursue the following ideals as the parish celebrates its centenary year (1992):

  • To live and proclaim the Gospel with enthusiasm, to celebrate the Sacraments worthily, and to encourage and promote personal piety and devotion.
  • To do this in a spirit of complete respect for the faith and practices of other Christian churches and other religions, in keeping with the express invitation of the Holy Father that we walk hand in hand in our pilgrimage of faith.
  • To be eager to listen to the wishes and often challenging aspirations of the young and to entrust them with greater responsibility for the well-being of the parish.
  • To acknowledge that it is the vocation of every member of the parish, young and old alike, to reach out and welcome those who have lapsed from their faith or who have little faith
  • To be recognised by our actions as a community that cares deeply for others, Whether at home or in the developing countries, and to express this care in all questions relating to justice and peace.
  • To promote family life with special concern for marriage and families at risk.
  • To promote a programme of education in the faith with particular reference to the social teaching of the Church.